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Code of Conduct

We are here to have fun and to increase our enjoyment through the Guild and the cameraderie and support that the group offers. In an effort to ensure that this happens, our members abide by the following Code of Conduct

1. No Cheating.

We do not support cheating, hacking/exploitation of game dynamics/bugs to gain an unfair advantage. We feel that those who do are inferior players, and we have no interest in inferior players.

2. The Guild Comes First.
The Guild and your fellow guild mates come before anyone else in any situation. ALWAYS defend with your life: Guild mates, Allies, Friends - in that order.

ALWAYS help your guild mates and back them 100% in any confrontation. Let the Guild leadership figure out a resolution later.

Need before greed: If you have extra items, weapons, resources, and do not need them, check to see if anyone else in the Guild does. This includes passing soul gear around to a needed guild mate before selling it off.

Work on Guild Quests every day. We need the funds and constructions to grow and better the guild. Guild Quests include all the ones within our domains as well.
  • Transport
  • Feeding the Beast
  • Lab Donations
  • Building Materials

If you do not know how to do one of these you need to ask.

3. Don't Dishonor the Guild
As a member of this guild, your behavior represents the entire guild. Don't dishonor or embarrass us with your behavior or language. If you want to dishonor or embarrass yourself, or lack the self-control to control your behavior, then leave the Guild and knock yourself out.

4. Stay active.
Stay up-to-date on the boards, Guild events and happenings. Participate in the discussions! We want informed, active, interested members, not dead weight. There is almost always an Officer on, and the forum has a great mail system even though WOI does not. So please let us know if you are going AFK for any length of time. I will do bi-weeky activity checks.    

5. Respect the information policies of the guild.
Do not divulge Guild/ally information from the private area with those outside the Guild.

Do not post on other message boards on behalf of the Guild without explicit permission from the Guild leadership, let the leaders be the voice of the Guild.

6. Membership is on a per-player basis and is non-transferable.
When someone joins the Guild, we approve the person/player, not the character/toon. When an invitation to join the Guild is extended to a player/owner, the invitation is extended to all of the player's characters and alts. This is of course for as long as we have available slots. If guild fills up least active alts will be removed first.
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